Sealing of steering gears

Sealing of steering gears

As part of our services we offer sealing of the steering gear. It is an inseparable element of steering gear remanufacture. Parts which have been restored to their original condition are sealed. It is not possible to seal elements which are worn out (their condition does not allow for cooperation with new seals).

comprehensive remanufacturing

For the sake of our customers’ safety, we offer only comprehensive remanufacturing of steering gears. This allows us to maximize the lifetime of steering gears. We provide a one-year warranty for the remanufactured steering gear. Better knowledge of the car’s structure allows us to better recognize the signs of damaged steering gear. Currently, three types of steering gears are most commonly used in cars:

1. Gear transmission – it is found in most cars and is the most defective.
2. Recirculating ball – mounted in trucks.
3. Worm gear – a type of gear transmission used back in the 1970s; its name comes from the “worm” located at the end of shaft which constitutes the end of steering column; this type of gear occurs in Polonez.

The main tasks of steering gears are to keep the direction of travel straight and to allow the driver to change the driving track according to his will.