We Repair, You Drive!



We like to measure high and cars are our passion!
We have been dealing with the remanufacture of steering gears since 1998. Our first branch was established in Kożuchów. Gathering a large group of satisfied customers allowed us to open further branches – in Wałbrzych, Leszno, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Gdańsk and Zielona Góra.

We provide a written guarantee for our products, thus you can be sure of your purchases.

We offer already remanufactured gears, thanks to which you can save your precious time.

Remanufactured gear is cheaper than the new one, so you save your money!

We have twenty two years of experience in remanufacturing steering gears.

We check the tightness of each remanufactured gear under pressure with specialized equipment.

You can pick up a custom remanufactured steering gear in a selected branch of our company.