Our history

The PHUP AUTO-REGE Remanufacture of Steering Gears Company was established in 1998 in Kożuchów. Remanufacture of steering gears has been our main service since the beginning.
Numerous satisfied customers and rich experience enabled us to open further branches – in Wałbrzych, Leszno, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Gdańsk and Zielona Góra.

In terms of quality, we offer our customers the best products. Our company is engaged in gear repairs in Kożuchów, Wałbrzych and Leszno. We repair gears in cars, vans, trucks and buses. We have the necessary machine park to perform such services.

Extensive experience is a guarantee of the quality of steering gears

Each steering gear repaired by us is inspected on a diagnostic stand. We have a wide range of different steering gears, from which several thousand cores are used in the remanufacturing process.
We want to provide our customers with a fast and good service, that is why we stock the remanufactured gears. The customer can come to us with a broken steering gear, and in return he will receive the remanufactured steering gear, for which he will receive a one-year warranty.

Thanks to this form of sale, the remanufacturing of steering gears in Wałbrzych also allows to minimize time when it comes to mail order sales. The customer does not have to send us his steering gear for remanufacturing, we first send the steering gear and he sends his old one after replacement.

How the repair and remanufacture of steering gears is carried out

How do we maintain the highest quality of PHUP AUTO-REGE Steering Gears

Steering gears remanufactured at AUTO-REGE maintain their highest quality by using original repair kits. We have a qualified staff with many years of experience in the industry.
The steering system is an extremely sensitive mechanism – especially susceptible to assembly errors. Therefore, professional service and high quality spare parts are extremely important. As a company we try to provide not only remanufactured steering columns – in our workshops we also offer new parts from proven manufacturers.

We usually offer remanufactured steering gears to those customers who want to complete the order as quickly as possible. We shorten the time of service by sending our customers remanufactured steering gears while they provide us with broken components for the remanufacturing. Most often we offer remanufacturing of steering gears in cars of Volkswagen, Opel, Ford, Mercedes, Audi and BMW brands.

Damage signs include leaks from the steering gear and characteristic slack felt on the steering wheel or knocks. A very common cause of steering failure is a very corroded gear rack. There are cases when it is impossible to remanufacture the steering gear, because the old gear rack is not suitable for remanufacturing – it is necessary to replace the rack. Repair of the steering system may be necessary because there are damages in the distribution chamber of the gear, separating the liquid into sections. Typical signs are disappearance of one-way, two-way power steering or significant loss of power.

Remanufacturing of steering gears with hydraulic power steering system for buses, trucks, vans and other commercial vehicles as well as gears with hydraulic power steering system for passenger cars (slatted and worm systems), is performed in our company on precise, high quality equipment. Repairs of steering columns are performed exclusively using original parts supplied to us by gear manufacturers.

Damage signs