Steering gear repair

Repair of steering gears is one of the most important aspects of our offer

Repair of steering gear consists in dismantling the gearbox and verifying the damage.
After such initial diagnosis, the damaged elements are replaced and remanufactured. Our company uses precise and high quality equipment. For remanufacture we use only original components. The last stage is to test the steering gear on a diagnostic stand.

Safety while driving

The main steering mechanism assembly is the gear. Its efficiency is a basic condition for driver and passenger safety. Therefore, steering problems must not be underestimated. If it operates properly, impacts caused by uneven road surfaces should not be felt and steering the vehicle should be easy, with little effort on the steering wheel. The steering system is very sensitive and susceptible to damage. If you notice a leak from the steering gear, feel any slack on the steering wheel or knocks, please contact us. We will diagnose the problem and replace the steering gear.

Our offer is targeted at the needs of our customers

In order to maximally reduce the price of gears after repair, we offer our customers the purchase of repaired gears at the return of their worn one. The only condition is that the old part is suitable for repair. 

This method allows us to keep prices low. We respond to our customers’ needs and offer several possibilities of gear remanufacturing. The first one is to send us your gear by mail. We send back the already remanufactured steering gear. The second possibility is to buy a gear on the Allegro. Fast, cheap and comfortable. We also invite you to visit our workshops: in Kożuchów, Wałbrzych or Leszno.