Steering gear remanufacture

Steering gear remanufacture

Our services are the key to achieve full efficiency at a good price as soon as possible. Remanufacture of steering gear is based on complex treatment of damaged elements to restore them to their operational condition. In the next stage, we assemble the remanufactured parts with a new set of seals, creating a steering gear after comprehensive remanufacturing. Each steering gear after remanufacturing is tested on a diagnostic station.

Gear damage signs

One of the most frequent signs of steering gear damage is liquid leakage from the steering gear. What else may indicate that the steering gear should be remanufactured? There are many signs: loss of liquid in the power steering reservoir, audible knocks on the steering wheel, noticeable clearance in the steering system or knocks when driving straight ahead.

The most important is the safety of our customers

In our workshops we offer repair of steering gears in all types of cars, vans, trucks and buses. We have the steering gears remanufactured, which enables us to provide immediate service. The customer brings his broken steering gear and receives our remanufactured steering gear, which has a one-year warranty. Repairing steering gears at Auto-Rege is possible by using original repair kits and a whole range of spare parts. This is much cheaper than buying a new steering gear at the service. The average price of our gears after remanufacturing is only about 13% of the price of a new original gear. We have a qualified staff with many years of experience in the industry.